“Think of You” by Estereomance

Inspired by the tumultuous era of pandemic separation, “Think Of You” serves as a silky, sonic love letter that soothes the pains of distance through electric synths, sultry vocals and an imagined romantic dance floor made for estranged lovers. 

Written through a period of shelter in place, the band explored the core feelings that an uncertain future and what it would hold for humanity bring about. Ruminating on the approach that moving life online was where life was heading, “Think Of You” presents as the emotion that comes when you’re intrigued by someone, and it immerses you into a vortex that drags your complete being into a parallel world of thoughts. 

Listen to Think of You here

Estereomance is a music project conceived by Adria Del Valle, Manuel Calderon, and Paulina Reza that began in 2019. A cultural hybrid of the border town El Paso, Texas, and neighboring Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua – the budding group is the liberated voice of border emotions screaming to be heard.

Adria comes from the classical music world, playing the violin in orchestras and acting in plays. Paulina has been singing since she can remember, taking her voice to amazing places with amazing projects.  Manu has been a producer, sound engineer, bassist (he and Paulina  were previously in The Chamanas). Purposely discovering the fusion of their musical paths, they bore a melodious arsenal of lyrical weaponry that birthed Estereomance.

West Texas Soul Pop intermixes with the artists’ combined introspection, delivering an unheard global identity and sound.

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