By Taqee Karriem Muhammad

Photos by: @narigarner, @47messages & @christonmarie_photography

Founded in 2016 by Taqee and Ameenah Karriem, ASIATIC TRIBE focuses on reviving classic silhouettes with modern twists using bold colors, patterns, blocking, etc. We strive to use fabrics and flattering silhouettes that are manufactured to be durable and high quality while still being healthy for your skin and body. Twice featured in British Vogue in August and September 2021’s issues, ASIATIC TRIBE redefines the intersection of fashion and culture. 

From the clothing worn thousands of years ago to the modern day flared bottom pants and oversized hoodies today, fashion has been a defining factor in our human experience. Fabric to skin has been an experience we’ve relished since day one with the newborn outfits our mothers fastidiously picked. With time moving incomprehensibly fast due to social media and the never ending issues that exist in the world today, fashion is less immutable and more of quick changing regional trends, usually recycled every ten years. Even though trendy fashion seems to be the new culture, Big Brands like Fear of God, Yeezy and Off White challenge that by creating sustainable high fashion silhouettes that are able to withstand fashion climate change. 

Recycling Trends are a part of our present culture, but there is much more to be pulled beyond fashion of the 70s-90s. Perhaps as creators we can do some anthropological work and pull from beautiful yet tragically forgotten cultures and expand this expansive fashion crucible.

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Owner (Founder) + Creative Director : Taqee Karriem Muhammad 

Co Owner (Founder) : Ameenah A. Karriem Muhammad

ASIATIC TRIBE’s founder and creative director, Taqee Karriem Muhammad, uses sociocultural inspiration to create new and refreshed designs, paired with familiar and loved silhouettes. He grew up in Detroit, Michigan as a carpenter before going on to attend Rutgers in New Jersey.

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