Brand By’s Winter Collection // Tamia Johnson Collaboration

By Tanya Sheikh

Brand By is a lifestyle brand fusing art and community in bringing people together through collaboration,. Featuring both artist collaborations and stand alone collections, we explore different themes that are then translated into easy to wear pieces. Brand By works with businesses and creatives from the community to bring each collection to life. View the press book here.

Winter 2021: The New Traditional

The New Traditional collection transforms traditional plaid prints into deconstructed hand-painted patterns on sweatsuit sets – a fresh silhouette and reimagined take on the button down shirts we’re used to. We aimed to elevate Fall fits into wearable art that expresses our evolution and creativity.

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Hand dyed in Brooklyn

This collection is sustainable and eco-friendly, crafted using recycled dyes and produced to reduce waste. All dyes are made from recycled petroleum product that works in all temperatures to attach directly to fibers and requires a small amount of dye. 

Pieces are designed by Tanya Sheikh and hand-dyed by Jessi Highet. 

Brand By x Tamia Johnson.

For Brand By’s first collaboration, we partnered with Los Angeles-based artist Tamia Johnson to create a capsule collection surrounding her two works of art titled The 1970’s, With Love. The collection includes Tamia’s two paintings printed on different silhouettes, and a hoodie and sweatpant set by Tanya Sheikh, Brand By’s interpretation of the artwork.

For Tamia, the afro pick represents African Americans asserting who they are through fashion and their appearance in this era – a moment of celebration for African Americans creating their own beauty standards by embracing their natural afros. This symbolic tool was drawn and screen printed on a neutral yet rich background in Tanya’s designs.
When working on collaborations, we’re committed to supporting artists and creators for their work. We believe it is important to truly support them in every aspect, which is why we will be giving 50% of proceeds from this collection to the artist Tamia Johnson. 

Artist Statement: Tamia Johnson

My paintings have always been a way to celebrate my identity and the culture I was raised in. I find inspiration by studying the African American community that came before me and admiring the creativity, resilience, and uniqueness that makes us who we are today. By creating these pieces I am able to find peace and clarity in who I am. 




Tamia Johnson: @tamiablue

Jeramey Hampton: @hampnyc

Demi Vee Washington: @missdemivee

Nathan Josaphat: @phattnate

Yazmine Rosario: @yazmine.r

Christian Smiley: @puerilemind

Tiffany Lupien: @tiffanylupien

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