Craving by Rubi D. Perez

Mediation for the soul
It needs it
As for your stomach needs food
And your body needs oxygen to breath
I crave the touch and affection of a human
Replaced with the touch of my own
Self love
Yeah I have self love
But can you hear me out
I crave the touch of a human
The dialect of a soul
The smile of a creature
My love, I’m just a seeker
A seeker or the wonderland created in my head
Seeking the conclusion of the illusion we call life
The magic of my journey
You see we were born into this dimension we call life created by energy
Past and present energy that creates the future
All I want is to enjoy the ride
Wondering where it’s taking me
Wondering who it’s driven by
Is it me
Or is it the source

Rubi D. Perez is a Dominican American poet based in New York City who focuses on writing about the varying stages of healing from her own traumas. She is a lover by nature and captures glimpses of that essence through her writing. Inspired by her experiences she welcomes people to feel, heal, and learn about the beauty of the heart and mind. @golden_riot

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