Remember Me by Love

Hold on,
Just one more second.
Picture my face and
Remember me here.
Please, don’t forget about me,
I won’t forget about you.
Room 13.
The door,
The clock,
The window,
The words.
The words I’ll never get out of my head.
Don’t forget me,
Room 13.
Your innocence,
Your smile,
The thoughts never big enough,
To form your words.
Thoughts trapped inside of electrical currents.
Room 13.
Remember me.
Not a glass in sight,
Not a reflection to be found,
Only despair and delerium,
Floats around.
Beep, beep, beep.
Machines buzz and whir.
Nothing here is as it seems,
Or as it were.
Plastic cups and,
Binders full of important words,
A thick quietness fills the air,
Anticipation stirs.

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