“Somebody Loves You” by Daniella Faith

New Jersey based singer-songwriter Daniella Faith shares her debut EP, Somebody Loves You, which she entirely wrote and produced. Drawing from her influences of soft rock and neo-soul, Daniella Faith uses this EP as a medium for introspection and encouragement. Honing her songwriting skills since the age of 3, Daniella’s adept abilities can be heard in her poignant lyrics and lush harmonies.

20 year old singer-songwriter and producer Daniella Faith was quick to discover her love for music while growing up in New Jersey. Her raw passion and ability have helped her maneuver her way through life’s many processes. While attending Berklee College of Music, she was able to connect with many key collaborators and expand her understanding of what music could be. Now a full-time musician, she is developing new talents and working on her debut album.

Listen to Somebody Loves You here: Spotify / Apple Music

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