Artwork by Astha Malik

Astha is a proud woman of color – a daughter, sister, wife, and dog mom. Born and raised in Delhi, India she comes from a humble middle-class family. Growing up she enjoyed doing arts and craft, and credits her mom for encouraging creative hobbies. The first one in the family to pursue education in the US, graduating with a master’s degree in computer science from an Ivy league school, she is a Product Manager by profession and a self-taught artist by passion, living in Seattle, WA. 

Astha creates diverse portraits of women in modern-day art form. She leans on vibrant colors and vivid imagery to capture essence and facets of women’s identity. She has auctioned her artwork for charity for the last 3 years towards education and equality.

She draws inspiration from everyday women she meets, reads about and the ones she has had around her growing up. Through her work she represents a variety of narratives – there’s hidden beauty within each one of us, what one sees on the outside is just a coat of what we show to the world, we all have imperfections that we should embrace, and we are way stronger than we think we are! You Be You!



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