Artwork by Jennifer Reeves

Jennifer Reeves (b. 2000) is a hobbyist artist from the Philippines whose mediums primarily include analog collages and recycled crafts. Jennifer comes from a non-art related background rooted in conservation biology and international studies at Monash University, Australia. She started her artistic journey with digital drawing, but was inspired in recent years to incorporate scrap paper and other household wastes into her art practice. Her style is heavily influenced by surrealism and absurdism, with dream-like settings and cynical qualities.

Jennifer is passionate about using creative expression to process complex ideas, navigate personal experiences, and share activist ideals. Her works often feature themes related to mental health, the natural environment, and sustainability. Jennifer is also a co-founder and social media head of an online-based art community called Our Virtual Studio, and has been featured in several international online publications. 

Instagram: @corduroyplants 

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