Artwork by Sasha Schwartz

Sasha Schwartz (she/her) is a visual artist and freelance theater scenic designer based in Pittsburgh. She is an advocate for inclusivity and accessibility in the arts industries, and broader representation of BIPOC, queer, and disabled voices in media. Her visual art is very much inspired by the stories and experiences of her immigrant Chinese mother, her Jewish/Russian political- refugee father, and her autistic artist older brother. Spending time with family during quarantine has given her the opportunity to be inspired by old family photos, and to use art-making as a way to rest and process while socially isolated. Reused materials and found objects are particularly valuable to her, both in her fine art and spatial design practices. She holds a BFA from Carnegie Mellon School of Drama and was recently featured at Pittsburgh MuseumLab and in Changing Womxn Collective’s visual arts magazine.

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