Artwork by Sherouk Morsi

A love story that was never meant to be, told from the perspective of a heartbroken woman who is suffering through recovery. 

A movie by: 
Sherouk Morsi 

Cinematography by: 
cottonbro //

Music by:
-Nobody Listens by Audiobinger
From the Free Music Archive, CC BY-NC 4.0

-Chod by Blear Moon
From the Free Music Archive, CC BY-NC 4.0

Sherouk Morsi is an Egyptian artist, and filmmaker. She was born and raised in Egypt and moved to New York when she was 15. Morsi earned her Bachelors in Art from Hunter College where she majored in Film. She believes that the brighter the piece, the more powerful it is. She’s been uninspired and unable to create anything for the past two years, and as a way to motivate herself, she revisited some of her old work, as a reminder that she is an artist and is capable of creating.

Instagram: @caramelizedhearts and @ssoliman_

Twitter: @caramelizedart

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