“Bassman Fuzz” by TITA

Guatemalan singer/songwriter Tita will shares a single “Bassman Fuzz” that provides listeners with a new, eccentric sound in anticipation of the release of her debut album Mundo Cruel, due later this year. Marking her first track in English, the artist delves into fresh sounds of upbeat bubblegum synth-pop. Inspired by moving in new directions, the singer shares the motive behind the move stems from the idea that if you’re going to go different, you might as well go different all the way. 

The song was composed alongside her friend and producer Walter Monterroso (alias Bumont), who sent her the initial song which was different than her usual sound but loved the song that she waited for the inspiration to strike for its completion. The title is taken from it’s initial given demo name as the permeating sounds are thanks to a Fender Bassman amp and its resulting distorted “fuzz” effect. The sounds, inspired by the musical likes of early Grimes, finding it’s melodic groove within electronic, distorted pop. It maintains its original sweet spot however, in amplifying Tita’s accustomed act of turning serious themes or topics into fun, danceable music. 

On “Bassman Fuzz,” the single explores the idea of very persistent men with an aura of overconfidence trying to win over her attention on the basis of feeling like they’re the best thing ever, when the reality is all you want to do as a woman is say no, not interested. The lyrics play as a form of satirical response, with the lyrics calling back “I don’t think you’re cool” and “You’re not my type” as she dances and runs away from the subject. “This single is a fun way to mix those feelings and I love that it’s short. It’s not even 3 minutes long. Like the subject of the song, sometimes it’s best if you just cut to the chase.”

Mariana Moreno, better known as Tita, is an indie-pop singer born in Guatemala. She has been immersed in music since she was young. When she was 14 years old, she learned how to play guitar and created her first project. In 2016, Niña Índigo was born – her first band – formed by Juan Carlos Barrios (Guitarist- Bohemia Suburbana), Pepe Mollinedo (Drums – Bohemia Suburbana) y Luis Pedro González (Bassist-Imox Jazz y Tijuana Love).

In 2019, Tita decided to embrace a different sound and contacted her friend and producer Bumont (Walter Monterroso) to create her first EP “TODO ES MENTAL”. The EP explores the wide spectrum of interpersonal connections, love, aversion, melancholy and introspection.

Her music is eclectic. It explores sounds like Pop, Indie Rock, Hip Hop and Electronic. Her melodies are inspired by artists like Natalia Lafourcade, The Beatles, Mac DeMarco, Clairo, Cuco and more.

Although Tita is an uprising artist, she promises a lot. Her music carries out an interesting creation process where several music genres converge; incorporating fresh and modern sounds.

Listen to “Bassman Fuzz” here

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