“Don’t Ask Why” by Katzú Oso

Los Angeles based Latinx artist Paul Hernandez, under the moniker Katzù Oso, returns with his latest single “Don’t Ask Why” that continues to shine light on his signature blend of indie bedroom-pop with new age 80’s nostalgia. Marking the first single of a new era for the singer/songwriter, the track was produced by Paul Hernandez (Katzù Oso), Charlie Brand (Miniature Tigers) and David Garza (Fiona Apple, Sharon Van Etten, Hanson), taking the heart of his traditional love-lorn bedroom-pop and infusing new sound as he explores new avenues that includes Bee Gees inspired falsetto choruses over 70s grooves, disco melodies and psychedelic electric guitar. 

Lyrically, the themes explore the first introduction to an alter ego for Hernandez, an underdog type character named “Oso” who narrates the perspective of the track. Shining through is the notion that nice guys finish last, as he is trying to win over the girl of his affection but often feels overlooked and causes feelings of confusion and exploring why he doesn’t know why he is feeling the rollercoaster of up and down emotions the way he does. 

Recently, Katzù has headlined a showcase at Grand Performances, has previously played Los Dells, SXSW, Noise Pop, Tropicalia and has soundtracked as one of the featured artists on Lindo Y Querido, a dedication to Los Angeles sponsored by Tecate. The start of 2022 will see him with an opening performance for Love of Lesbian at The Belasco, as well as joining Girl Ultra for a leg of her North American tour.

Listen to “Don’t Ask Why” here

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