“Home” by Sophia Spero

“Home” written and performed by Sophia Spero is a pop song with a long history. The song is about the difficulties of recovering from a toxic platonic relationship. After struggling to express herself, artist Sophia Spero decided to sit down at 1 a.m. on a Friday and write about what came to mind. Eventually, this developed into “Home”. She found most heartbreak songs come from the root of a romantic relationship which was hard to identify with. “The worst heartbreak I’ve experienced was through this platonic relationship. It was years of hurting and trying to recover at the same time. When people break up, they naturally take space. With this relationship, he had to be a constant in my life making it a lot more difficult.” Wanting to cultivate the song more of a positive experience people could relate to, Spero reached out to her producer, artist J.Pappas, and the song was born.

Sophia Spero is a singer-songwriter and model signed with State Management from New York City. She has her roots in classical music performing solos with Grammy Award-winning group The National Children’s Chorus. With them, she has performed at venues such as Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and Walt Disney Concert Hall. She attended LaGuardia High School where she studied voice and after enrolled in Boston Conservatory at Berklee. After songwriting throughout all of quarantine (which Spero used as her outlet) she decided to transfer into Berklee College of Music for Songwriting and Music Business.

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