“They Don’t See Us” by The Tiarras

The Tiarras, formerly known as The Tiarra Girls, recently announced a change to their official name, signaling a new era for the 3x Austin Music Award-winning trio. After dominating the local music scene since adolescent ages, the Mexican-American musicians/songwriters step into a rebirth under a revitalized name to fittingly  suit the next chapter of their aesthetic, sound and career. 

Leading off this re-introduction, is their latest single “They Don’t See Us,” an upbeat declaration of their formidable presence that showcases their powerhouse sound that infuses a mixture of acoustic and electric guitar, disco-inspired keyboard synths and rhythmic percussion that enjoys a congo-led breakdown midway that create another empowering dance anthem hit. The lyrics navigate the themes that guided the messaging of their rebrand, an airing out of grievances and exhaustion of the dismissiveness and invisibility they experience in the moments they are devalued or overlooked for who they are and what they bring to the table. 

The Tiarras share: “The lyrics personify the future and give it a voice of its own. The future knows more than we do, it’s already seen what’s happened and what’s to come. Through this song, we connect to the “future’s soul” itself and realize that we feel the same way it does. We as a collective are beginning to understand that ego and imbalance of power only adds fuel to the fire. In tumultuous times, we create our own spaces of joy as a way to cope and understand our reality. To create juxtaposition and acknowledge these concepts, the song moves your body and encourages a deep focus in a universal destiny.” 

Listen to “They Don’t See Us” here

Coming into natural formation as biological sisters turned bandmates, three-time Austin Music Award-winning trio,  The Tiarras, are multi-faceted artists creating global music by pursuing sound without restrictions. Originally known as Tiarra Girls, 2022 will see the Mexican-American musicians/songwriters step into a rebirth under a revitalized name that suits the next chapter of their aesthetic and career. This next phase will build off the success of their prior years, and re-introduce the powerhouse Texan sister trio as genre-defying artists on a mission to spread empowering messages through their eclectic, yet refined sound. 

Extracting their influence from their diverse musical libraries that surrounded their upbringing, their vibrant sound draws inspiration from the likes of rock, Latin, pop, soul, reggae and blues to foster a dynamic new sound that defies the limitations of genre. Combined with their love for community and progressive advancement, The Tiarras aim for their music as a means of providing a creative outlet in seeking social advancement and reform. Their mission driven music has previously been incorporated into campaigns for Rock the Vote, Jolt and Voto Latino. Their latest singles “Soy Chingona” and “Let Love Free” have cumulatively been featured across renowned platforms such as NPR World Cafe, Mitú, Grimy Goods and Latin Alt. Radio.

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