The Earth Keepers By Ariel Perez

Deep in the earth

Under dirt and falsehoods

We waited

For our mothers

For our Fathers

For light

We could smell rain seeping through

The warmth of the sun

And the stale air of time passing

Just out of reach

We screamed

While you prayed

You thanked your god for the land you live on

He knows you mixed blood and dirt

Deep in the earth

We huddle together

No names

We were forgotten, hidden

You found our brothers

You found our sisters

We felt them slip away

Out of the dark

Out of the dirt

And into the light

Deep in the earth

We wait

We wait

We wait

With hope

Ariel Perez is a Library Specialist, audiobook enthusiast, long time shy writer and all-around social media addict. She can often be found reading behind the library with a coffee in hand. 

You can follow her personal account @JupiterMorales and her book account @AudiobooksAreBooksBitch on Instagram.

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