We Dare, They Rise by Laila E. Dreidame

and our ancestors weep and they scream

as those who fear them most attempt to disseminate their legacies

repudiating the sacredness and autonomy of our human vessels for souls of fallen angels and reincarnated warriors

those relentlessly plotting and orchestrating measures to colonize and claim stake over our flesh and bones are the same ones who cower at their combined majesty

coveting every inch of our bodily wonder and power

our ancestors ignited yet again

galvanizing their heirs of blood and thought to ferociously reject every attempt  to deny and pillage the freedom and love lighted at the core of all beings

and we dare to deepen their legacy

and our ancestors rise

Laila E. Dreidame (she/her/they) is dedicated to developing and implementing communication strategies and organizational processes to embrace and expand diversity and inclusivity. She is an Amazigh-Moroccan, born and raised in New York City. She approaches her writing from a global minded perspective, seeking to increase human understanding and connectivity. She earned a Master’s of Science in Professional Writing from New York University’s School of Professional Studies and was awarded the University’s 2019 Writing Impact Award, a distinction given to a student who has demonstrated a commitment to writing and communication endeavors that seek to impact society in positive ways. Additionally, she volunteers with Access Institute for Psychological Services on community engagement. Professionally, she works to lead with compassion and curiosity. Laila currently lives with her spouse, child, father, pup, and kitty in Oakland, CA.

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