When the Waves Crash and the Candlelight Flickers by Claudio Yurdadön

Shadows grow and wane 

Like radish seeds and lemon trees

Like your vines exploring my skin

The wind swaying along the shore

I hear the stomps and the skids

The boom and the crash 

The vibration of decay

Of a beautiful facade

A taste gone sour 

Aphids on its leaves 

Rot within its roots 

A space can only resonate with respect

Within gentle care

When wounds are tended to

When the garden is cleared

When the crops can be harvested 

When the stomps become tiptoes 

When the skids can sway

Glide like your smooth caress 

The space can thrive

When I have you within my arms

Take you in my mouth 

And lose myself within your senses

This space with lavender seeds

Incense and basil leaves 

With your calm presence 

Gentle smile and curious eyes

The space glows with my shadows

Dancing to the tune of my sorrows

The spark of lingering desires 

And the mystery of approaching autumns. 

I lay in this space

Within calm moments between chaos 

To remember how it may feel

When I can no longer remember

What it means

To simply be

Claudio Yurdadön is a Turkish/American artist and statistician. Raised within two divergent cultures, while trying to find roots in both, sparked their critique on many cultural norms and behaviors that were conditioned into the genders to be performed. A few of the main themes that recurs within their work are those relating to gender identity/expression, relationships with the self/other, and inquiring into the nature and constructs of this existence. Their work is expressed through the mediums of poetry, photography, and video sequences. Playing with shadows, they explore the relationships between light and dark — a reconnection to ourselves and to the natural world around us. Using recursions, loops and spirals they evaluate the patterns of thought and logic; Practicing mindfulness to go deeper within the roots of ones being to confront and transcend deep rooted traumas, anxieties and fears.

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