Artwork by Dan Rocky

Instagram: @danrockyy

Images: Top row, from left to right: “Disgusted,” “Defiant,” and “Future of No where”

Images: Bottom row, from left to right: “Let’s Talk About It” and “Deer Woman” based on Creek Mythology

About the Artist

Dan Rocky is an indigenous based artist in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They fluidly work between fiber mediums and digital art. They are self taught and self motivated. Art for them has always been an act of survival. With a special love for all things kitschy and tacky, they’re often inspired by shelves of Knick knacks at the thrift store. Never afraid to reference and a deep fascination for powerful femmes like Buffy Summers, and Dana Scully. They identify as two-spirit, and often reflect that experience in their work. Dan Rocky’s art has been shown from Denver, New Orleans, Memphis, to LA. Some of their rugs were even featured in the Pandemic Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles, hosted by Aelfie. You can now find Dan Rocky as a Screenprinter in Tulsa, Oklahoma at Flash Flood Print Studios.

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