Artwork by Jamae Tasker

Instagram: mamaladysmix

Images: First row, left to right “For the Love of Gospel,” “Healing from All Directions,” and “Blissed”

Second row, left to right “Fragrant Dreams,” “Sea Me,” and “Traveler”

Third row, left to right “Fertile Quietude,” “The Slow Soften,” “Love’s Layers”

Fourth row, left to right “Unleash Your Spirit,” and “Growing Pains”

About the Artist

Jamae Tasker (she/her) describes herself as a teacher, a mother, and an emerging artist. Passionate about people and community, her artwork is about connecting to both. She started this art journey by painting signs to engage folks in civic participation. She is now using mixed media collage to explore the complexities of being human. Her creations are full of emotion, and they help her to feel, celebrate, love, grieve, and grow. Being able to share her art with others is a part of that growth. As a Black bi-racial woman, who spends a lot of time in predominantly white spaces, she has been especially drawn to creating beautiful black and brown faces. 

She loves the ripple effects of creating, and how we can all be inspired and inspiring at the same time. 

*Jamae pronounced \jah- may\

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