Kita by Baby

by Rebecca Yoo

Yebecca has been a visionary artist since the beginning. By upcycling unwanted pieces in her wardrobe, she redesigns a whole new flair from sketch to finished product. Her brand, Kita By Baby (@kitabybaby), has become an archive page of her self-taught artistic journey. At the end of the day, Yebecca mentions, “It’s always been a passion project and has never been about how I can sell and make profit.” Art for truly art’s sake, Kita By Baby has been her own way of expressing self love.


Aftermath, 2022

Model: Yebecca (@yebeccababy) 

Angelic Curves, 2021

Accessory: Malik (@malikxv.ii), Nails: Citlali (unitas_f3ass), Model: Yebecca (@yebeccababy)

Bloody Eyes, 2021

Model: Yebecca (@yebeccababy) 

Blossom, 2021

Photo: Casper Yen (@casperyen), Styling: Yebecca (@yebeccababy), Models: Yebecca (@yebeccababy), 

Tiarra Pearson (@tiarrapearson)

Braids, 2021

Photo/Creative Direction: Camila Javier (@jacamila), Model: Yebecca (@yebeccababy) 

Homecoming, 2022

Model: Yebecca (@yebeccababy) 

Silver lining, 2021

Photo: Drew Botcherby (@drew.botcherby), Model: Frankie Cavalcanti (@frankieebby), Hair: Alex (@adornedbyalex), 

MU: Jeanice (@mua__jeanice), Stylist: Yebecca (@yebeccababy)

Slithering, 2021

Photo: Tre Crews (@trecrews), Model: Anzie Dasabe (@anziedasabe)

Spots, 2021

Creative Direction: Yebecca (@yebeccababy), Photo: Danica Robinson (@danicarobinson), 

Makeup: Eleven (@deadanimemom), Model: Yebecca (@yebeccababy)

Stripes, 2021

Photo: Casper Yen (@casperyen), Styling: Yebecca (@yebeccababy), Models: Yebecca (@yebeccababy), Arnaldo (@acsuave)

Texas, 2021

Model: Yebecca (@yebeccababy

대교, 2022

Model: Yebecca (@yebeccababy)

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