Mind Over Matter For The Uncouth by Sheriff Olanrewaju

It takes a savvy hunter to teach

that the size of a dog’s canine tooth

is no guarantor for constant cassoulet,

As living in a mansion is no automatic mirror of affluence and peace.

If only she knew that integrity is the plinth-

Upon which success berths;

she wouldn’t abandon the matrimonial house,

and promiscuous men wouldn’t hunt her like they did the grouse.

For no matter the length of the guillemot’s beak, it finds no fish

as much as a focused finch.

Sheriff Olanrewaju is a renowned Nigerian writer, an inspirational speaker, spoken word artist and a published author of many prose and poetry books. He has distinguished himself as a literary genius with his literary masterpiece titled The Porcupine and the Pompous Professor published in 2019. In 2011 and 2013 respectively he emerged as the best international poet, IWA International Poetry Contest, Texas, USA. Apa-Ola, Songs of Applause and of Awakening is his 4th collection of poetry.

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