“night before last.” by rxlph

“night before last.” is a dark and atmospheric track that stands out immediately with its strong melodies and moody ambience. The track is elevated further with an equally compelling music video directed by SageWolf that captures the mood and vibe of the song perfectly.

Speaking further on the new release, rxlph says,“‘night before last.’ captures this push and pull relationship between not only you and the person you want but also between you and the person you’re searching to become. I don’t like to tell too much about my records, but to me it’s the external battle we all face and the internal battle we all try to ignore.”

Listen to “night before last.” here

Hi Joana!

Thank YOU for this amazing opportunity!! Here is the artist bio (also attached a word doc version):


One sign of a legend in the making is their impact on their following, and rising artist rxlph has built an unquestionable fanbase. 

With every icon that has left their name in the history books of music, they have amassed a following that not only serves as a testament to their longevity and critical acclaim as an artist, but to how deeply fans connect with their movement and music. The list of artists that hold that level of influence over their following is far and few between. One would name Kanye West, Eminem, J Cole, and XXXTentacion among artist to attain such a level, and up and coming artist rxlph is on the path to filling his spot on the list like latter, XXXTentacion (rest in peace) whose fanbase takes a liking to rxlph’s music. His style can be called alternative hip-hop, creating a sound that resonates on a level deeper than simply ears reach. He layers emotions and experiences within his lyricism that act as a form of therapy for listeners. This plays a pivotal role in him being aligned with a talent such as XXXTentacion. For this reason, he deems his fanbase the “lxne. souls,” which is a space for all enduring through the insanity in their minds and chaos in their hearts. 

rxlph’s dark melodic sound wasn’t always as potent as it is now. In fact, it was the trauma and painful experiences that brewed within him that led to the evolution of the sound that captivates and echoes within others that also feel alone in their solace and pain. His music isn’t composed with the intent to seek fame and grandeur or bask in the pleasures of the limelight. While the lifestyle comes with its benefits, rxlph uses his passion as a means to pour his heart and soul to those that are in need of something, someone to reach through their darkness and bring them some sense of comfort and belonging. rxlph plants his artistry in heartbreak and brooding reflections, to hopes of love and essences of euphoria, bringing to life an honest assessment of his life and himself through every composition. 

The passion and resolve behind his music capture the raw, gritty emotions of those who suffer from depression, anxiety, and obsessive thoughts of regret & the meaning of life. rxlph isn’t without the hurt and emotions of his fanbase. He associates the pain that brought about his change, with the pain his fans also endure. This gave way to him creating his collective “lxne. souls” and is attributed to the reason his following has been on a steady rise. His music is a trip of self-awareness and becoming with the darkness within, in an attempt to find a way out. He continues to solidify himself along this path, and his latest single “night before last.” has the depth to do just that. It is an aggressive, yet melodic record about all the relationships that fell short due to the pressures and irregularities created from quarantine. It embodies the pain that bloomed from people who claimed love but left; who made empty promises; and to those that sort to appease their selfish desires only to leave after they’ve enjoyed your financial benefits. 

rxlph’s “lxne. souls” collective is gaining more and more traction daily, growing the stream of his record “night before last.” at a steady rate. rxlph is in his own zone, unlike his peers in the music industry. What is certain, is that if he continues composing the music that has brought his name into the spotlight, he will definitely have a long career ahead of him, and one that should be followed.

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