“The Morning” by Jaswiry

The Morning is Jaswiry Morel’s second single and it’s accompanied with a video shot in her native South Bronx. With elements of ecobrutalism in both the song and the visuals, The Morning is the result of pure experimentation.

Director/Colorist- Stephanie Rodriguez
Production Assistant- Olivia Himes
Editor- Jaswiry Morel

Listen to “The Morning” here

Jaswiry Morel is a fusion alternative R&B artist from the Bronx, New York. Being raised in both the Bronx and the Dominican Republic, her music takes influences from both places. With Latin and jazz infused percussion, dreamlike synths, soulful vocals, and bilingual lyrics, each song is nothing but an experiment. This year alone she’s been able to open up for Laundry Day and headline some of her own shows at venues like SOB’s and Heaven Can Wait. With more releases planned ahead, she hopes to fully capture the sonic world of the blend of places she calls her own.

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