Artwork by Dufié Kufuor 


Artist Statement

Brushstrokes are so integral to a painting; they tell a story and capture a viewer’s attention. They often convey the mood of the artist or the intent behind a piece. Brushstrokes would however be incomplete without the use of color. My pieces employ the use of both to tell stories.

“Study of a Jamestown Boy, Accra”

Lately, my pieces have been exploring an African romanticism outside of the colonial gaze. I welcome the viewer to view the black figure simply existing and performing everyday tasks or simply existing. As a Ghanaian woman living inthe diaspora, I am often taken aback by how black people are painted in the media. Although conversations are being had about blackness, it is often boxed and directed mostly at social justice issues.

My work explores the multilayered parts of blackness, through a Ghanaian lens. I use colors and brushstrokes to tell stories about the playful nature of West African masculinity, its influences on the African diaspora, and the forms it takes. My Christian faith while not explicit seeps into my work, through themes, titles and sometimes motifs.

Left to right: “What beauty can you uncover today,” “Child’s Play,” and “Two Boys”

About the Artist

Dufié Kufuor was born and raised in Ghana and the United Kingdom. She moved to the United States to pursue a law degree and rediscovered her love for art in 2015. She is currently based in New York city, where she practices law and explores various art media.


Instagram: @kufuorrr

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