Artwork by Nebolisa Kelly

About the Artist

Nebolisa Kelly (born 1998) is a Nigerian artist working in a genre of art known as hyper realism. He is best known for his realistic life size portraits mostly of young people, relating to the matters of mental health, love, social and political activism. He is known for the emotion his art evokes to the viewer and often time the application of Engineering formulas on his artworks which further explains the unique concept behind his art.

Nebolisa Kelly begin drawing at a very young age, he started off by drawing his favorite cartoon character and eventually matured to a full-time artist exploring the use of charcoal on paper.

The hyper realistic artist sets to evoke emotions and always passes a societal judgment on what should be. He’s always keen to deliver a message through his art and works mostly from his imagination.

Instagram: @nebolisakellyart

Twitter: @kellypencil1

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