Artwork by Soni Lopez-Chavez

From left to right: “Mother, goddess, brush, healer, artist, chingona. You are magic,” “I am so much more than the darkness that surrounds me,” “Live in you truth,” “My guides & my protectors,” “Mija, your voice matters so don’t be afraid to use it,” and “Brave and beautiful is what you are.”

About the Artist

Soni Lopez-Chavez was born in Cuitzeo de Abasolo in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico. A first-generation immigrant, she immigrated to the United States with her family as a child, ultimately settling in the border region of San Diego, California. Professionally, Soni worked as an acrylic painter and a muralist while also working as a devoted preschool teacher. Outside of the classroom, she dedicated most of her time curating group art shows in San Diego’s vibrant local art scene.

Pulling from her own Chichimeca heritage and lived experience as a first-generation immigrant, Soni’s art covers a wide variety of different topics and causes. A representation of her Indigenous ancestry, her life lived back and forth between two nations. As well as the desire not only to bring awareness to issues through their art, but use her platform to counter negative, preconceived stereotypes, and to empower historically marginalized communities.

Instagram: @soni_artist


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