Artwork by Warren Armando Pope

About the Artist

Warren Armando Pope (b.1990) an artist, illustrator, public artist, and architectural designer based in Seattle, WA. As an artist, he hybridizes physical and digital techniques informed by architectural drawing to explore themes of otherness, plasticity, and transformation as they relate to his multiracial and queer identity. These explorations most often take the form of paintings, drawings, and digital works. Warren has shown work at the Vashon Center for the Arts, Soft Spot, and Northwest African American Museum.

In addition to studio art practice, Warren leads public art projects at Rohleder Borges Architecture. He most recently completed and installed ‘Together Ascend’ in Homer, Alaska and is currently working on a large sculpture to be installed in Pierce County later this year. He frequently brings his public art experience to the classroom as a guest speaker, reviewer, and occasional teacher at the UW Summer Youth Program introductory architecture studio.

Digital works are available at Known Origin & Rarible.

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