soledad a las dos de la mañana by Dariana Pérez


eyes crystalized.

beat-beat: breathe.

awake at the name

of the lover who won’t be.


stomach turning

from hunger and longing,

fingers furiously typing,

willowy heart sing-songing,

journal entries pile

thoughts of pity wedded


the love that won’t be

must be beheaded.


pull the strings

towards the concrete door

of the love that could be


or that is in store


don’t wait

won’t breathe

can’t sleep

for the lover who won’t be.


Dariana Pérez (she/her) is a Puerto Rican-Guatemalan artist. Currently pursuing a BFA in Acting and minor in Creative Writing, she is reclaiming her voice and rooting herself in who she is rather than who she is told to be. Puerto Rico, gracias por enseñarme lo que es el amor.