every night by Jontha Links

L.A. based indie duo Jontha Links releases a music video to accompany their lead single “every night”, marking the long-awaited follow up to their rock anthem “Pretty Carolina”. The track began as a wistful guitar lick made from 2000’s emo nostalgia, thrown over 90’s r&b drums. Connie heard Shamik’s beat through the wall of his bedroom and wrote a bittersweet breakup song.

“The song was a prophecy in a weird sort of way,” Connie said of the record. “I was in a relationship at the time that, while really beautiful, didn’t make ‘sense’. So I wrote about the bittersweet process of letting go of something amazing in order to avoid pain later on. The breakup itself was amicable.” This sentiment is exemplified by lyrics such as “It’s a brand new life, one with you and me right by your side,” that reinforce the fleeting hope that someday, somewhere exists a reality where he and his relinquished love might be together. Despite all of this, “every night” almost didn’t get made. “I was actually writing this track for a solo project and was getting ready to scrap it when Connie poked his head in to ask what I was working on,” Shamik said. “He was already writing to it in the other room. I’m glad he did – it became so much more than I could have imagined.”

After finishing touches from pop producer Cooper Holzman and Spike Stent’s mixing protegé Matt Wolach, up-and-coming director Jeffrey Prosser came in to shoot his concept on 16mm film. The music video, set to release November 15th, evokes haunting nostalgia. In which, a brooding protagonist fights ghostly memories of her relationship while attempting to move on with her life. Combining analog filmmaking, abstract storytelling, fashion and set design, the video is the duo’s most ambitious visual project to date.

Listen to every night here

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