Closure by Di Coleman

The weight of the world lifts when you caress me, loving me so sweetly,

And I, safe in your arms, fall all over again.

There was a time when those words were sacred, whispered over you like a prayer, a mantra…a time when love felt expansive and steadfast.

How long has it been since our love felt that way? Since I believed in that prayer? When did the words get caught in my throat and refuse to pass my lips? 

Between you and I, when did that love die? 

Questions that will never reach you, a secret to all but my pen and paper

So when tears swell and my heart aches, I find comfort in knowing you’re under the same Sun

The same Moon, the same Stars – 

No longer at my side but still, somewhere, you are here


Di Coleman, M.A in Cultural Sustainability (she/her) is a Black, 29 year old lover of words currently living and working in the Washington, DC area. She is passionate about community, food in all its forms, Black Maternal Health, and the intersections that exist between them.