“Masa” by Dr. Carianna Arredondo

accompanying artwork
Mixed media and projection on board

Dr. Carianna Arredondo is a distinguished artist, educator, scholar, and administrator based in the Bay Area (Ohlone Land). With extensive experience in supporting non-profit arts organizations, museums, artist-residency programs, and college-level teaching, her expertise encompasses a wide range of disciplines within the arts. Currently serving as the Assistant Dean of Special Projects for the School of Education at Mills College at Northeastern University in Oakland, CA, Dr. Arredondo also maintains an active professional practice as a freelance educator, mixed-media artist, and art education scholar. Her research focuses on community arts engagement, specifically examining the reciprocal learning cultivated between artists and communities through artist-in-residence programs. Dr. Arredondo’s interdisciplinary art practice is characterized by a thoughtful negotiation of language and material, guided by evocative rituals that explore themes of identity, sexuality, and escapism. As an artist who has confronted the complexities of identity, Dr. Arredondo’s work reflects her resilience in overcoming significant challenges. Her creative process serves not only as a means of healing but also as a powerful testimony to the transformative power of art. In her work, she explores the duality of light and darkness, inviting viewers to embark on a journey of self-discovery and introspection.

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