More than this Barren Dominion by Dovelie Lovelie  

Can’t live a day without what makes me 

Accepting the cost of my existence on a basis daily, and could never be

Convinced otherwise

That there’s lives being lived realer without the skin, or hair

Nor the teeth to bare a truth passed down to my toes and up from my crown;

Of restless bloodlines, and its rage burns greater than a king’s madness.

What’s worthy in life

Is worthless in wealth.

Lifetimes over and far away, I see

That my image is shamed before my body,

And that my body is blamed, time and time again

For the deeds sewn from envy.

These words scrape unforgettable

Along such guile breasts of porcelain queens. 

Yet still held regal, once flushed cheeks now fading into jaundice

Soured mounds giving strength to the lie and stress to the king

Hanging worn and weary, of barren dominion.

Dovelie Lovelie is a musician/poet from Los Angeles, CA. An acute use of societal observations can be found throughout her literary work such as poetry, zines, and in mixed media art. Her live music performances are of a post-garage band, HAUSA.

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