The Senegal Parrot by Alejandra Olmedo

Her beauty unnoticed

By her quiet demeanor.

Everyday asking herself,

To be ostentatious.


She yearns to be something,

She is not,

A confident cockatoo.


Squawk with abandon.

To be unshackled with the

Burden of measuring her chirps.


To screech until she regurgitates 

But her nature is to measure her chirps,

Whistle with purpose


Not to endlessly squawk.

For the sake of it.

Squawking with nothing of value.


She opens her beak,

To squawk at the top of her lungs, 

But only a faint whimper emanates


Tears streaming down,

She can’t change who she is

She can’t change her nature


She accepts who she is,

And finds peace in her song

To whistle serenely,

But confidently in her inner sanctum 


Alejandra Olmedo is a Mexican-American writer, photographer, and graphic designer based in California. She gravitates towards unseen and unheard perspectives.

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