This Quiet Between Us by R. S.

I move in this distant land

Shimmying down familiar lanes,

The streetlamps unabashedly look on,

The moths circle the flame;

The moon has dipped further

And the night is so still,

I wonder if it’s alive;

I can feel its pulse

Only when the wind shifts places;

The vicissitude grips me,

There are days you lie dormant

And I like an abandoned and hunger-stricken child,

Forage through pieces of leftover memories

To satiate the appetite;

This quiet between us,

It begs to be fed,

To be nourished,

I long for

The cacophony, the rumble;

Anything, even chaos

Some sign that you have arrived;

I leave the door ajar,

I let the wind carry your name

So that when it returns,

It might bring with it something 

The essence of you, a whiff,

Anything, just anything

I can claim.

R.S. is a denizen of Delhi, India who writes Poetry to find harmony in life. She had fallen in love with versing during her days as a student of literature. She rises early to feel inspired with the morning star and create new rhymes.

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