Worship by Di Coleman

Skin alert, back arched, hands bound

This is how I worship

Undulating from conscious obedience to a space, deep inside, where I alone reside

Anchored by your voice and steady hands

Heart racing, breath and body trembling, can they feel what they’re doing to me?

Every touch an expression of adoration

Pushing and pulling until spirit parts from body and we ascend

Soaring in the spaces between us, where words fail and touch acts as a form of communication

Drifting back to the moment in which we reside to whisper thanks across the skin pressed firmly against mine

Di Coleman, M.A in Cultural Sustainability (she/her) is a Black, 29 year old lover of words currently living and working in the Washington, DC area. She is passionate about community, food in all its forms, Black Maternal Health, and the intersections that exist between them.

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