Artwork by Jervis Corner aka Maurice Johnson

Jervis was born in Port Maria, Jamaica. In addition to his early years living in Jamaica, he has lived in England, Canada, New York, and California. He has exhibited his work in several Bay Area galleries, and currently shows his work at his studio in Downtown Oakland. Jervis Corner attended George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario. Jervis Corner attended George Brown College in Toronto where he studied various forms of drawing, eventually becoming a draftsman. After working briefly as a drafter, he became dissatisfied and moved to New York in the 1970s to pursue his art ambition. While in New York, he became friends with other artists who encouraged his art and his goal of attending the Mentorship Program in the Studio Museum of Harlem. There, he received training in drawing, painting, poetry, and other forms of art. Having fulfilled his goal of studying art in Harlem, he left New York to further his art education in San Francisco. Upon his arrival in San Francisco, he enrolled in the Art Academy where he studied fine arts, design and art history. Jervis Corner’s final, formal art study was at the San Francisco Art Institute where he focused on Abstract Expressionism and Cubism. It was there that he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

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