miami☀︎ by Estevie

Rising star Estevie (formerly known as Sarah Silva) is ready to turn up the summer heat with her latest single release “Miami.” Released via Nice Life (Ricky Reed), the track produces an energetic and eclectic take on a cumbia sonidero. Introduced by an alternative surf-rock leaning guitar intro, the melody eventually meets its staple electro-driven cumbia sonidero rhythm that meets a beachside disposition. Traveling the tale of young infatuation at first sight and wanting to be more than a passing moment that often occurs in the most unlikely of places, the dancefloor of summer parties. 

Estevie has previewed this latest track during her live shows which has timelessly proven to be a party starter. A long awaited treat, the single is now available via all streaming platforms and showcases the young talents ability to breathe new exciting life into the more traditional styles of cumbia and pop. 

Listen to “Miami” here

A first-generation Mexican-American and proud ambassador of her family’s cultural heritage, 19-year-old Estevie leads the new wave of pop artists bringing back old Latin sounds. On the forefront of the cumbia and Mexican regional music resurgence, Estevie’s unique blend of traditional Latin styles and modern pop is love at first listen. Growing up in the small town of Beaumont, CA and discovering a passion for performing, she auditioned for the Mexican singing competition La Academia Kids at age 11 where she won second place. By age 15, she was sporting more than 1.3 million followers across platforms and was recruited to tour Latin America with a teen influencer group where she played to crowds of 5,000-10,000 people.

In August 2021, Estevie independently released her breakout single “Canela,” which garnered over 400K views and the attention of the biggest acts in the regional Mexican genre. Subsequently, Estevie landed a feature on Eslabon Armado’s 2022 album NOSTALGIA and inked a record deal with Ricky Reed’s Nice Life Recording Company. Now teaming up with Ricky Reed and her longtime producer Alan Vega, Estevie presents singles “Santee,” “Chiki Bombón,” and “La Cumbia Del Cucuy.” Estevie artfully blends pop elements with the more cartoonish rhythmic layers and lyrical style of cumbia sonidera while incorporating notes of norteño and reggaeton with stunning ease. The result is a unique and invigorating sound sure to resonate deeply with Latin listeners while attracting new audiences – Spanish speaking or not.

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