Echoes of Departure by R. S.

The swallows fly South when harsh winds blow

But I stay here, nowhere to go;

Wish I could also wind borne be,

Or like a driftwood float towards the sea.


The vacant boughs of willows mourn

How brief was love your sojourn;

The sun leaps and drowns in the west

While this sorrow lingers in my chest.


Like wisps of smoke my days dissipate

As on winter’s harp notes lie in wait

For spring to melt the frosted strings

So the strains may soar upon love’s wings.


As the lights flicker in the darkening sky,

I pine and ponder, heave a sigh;

Why is parting long and love so brief,

Dwelling forever in skyscrapers of grief?


R.S. resides in India and writes Poetry to find harmony in life. She graduated with Honours in English and loves to read and write poetry. She loves nature walks and rises early to feel inspired with the morning star and create new rhymes.

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