Artwork by Laura S. Martineé

“Unprecedented Chemistry”

When you think you belong where you come from, and suddenly you find yourself in a new city with which unprecedented chemistry is born; a sudden and inexplicable connection. Just a couple of sunsets were enough, the translucent breeze of that calm celestial ocean, and the clear premonition that there he would write his longest love story.

Beyond a suitcase lost at the Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg ‘Willy Brandt’ airport and the great urgency of recovering that intense and luminous afternoon aboard tram 28, in that lovely Lisbon that never forgot my name…there was the metamorphosis of my wings, of my flight.

The suitcase would be lost in Hamburg. Berlin was the chosen to develop research in the field of cardiology, and the first meeting to present the project remains to be defined. There, among echoes of fados and fantasy mosaics, I was about to rediscover myself with that redundant place in my mind: the infinite Lusitania afternoon that arose spontaneously to settle in the soul forever.

Eduardo had a perfectly outlined plan. However, a slip of fate would move things out of place. Finally, Eduardo would find his place in the world after losing his luggage, rediscovering chance and improvising how to start over. Eduardo was my uncle, and this is his life’s story.

Written by Lamarriv.

About the Artist

Laura S. Martineé aka Lamarriv. Is a writer, author & visual storyteller.

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