Florescent, as the sun hit, 

Shades of pink melting to purple, the centre swirling, 

     Into black.  


Where I hide, 

My nectar, 

     A black bulb, enveloped, 


Under thousands of moments of thinking, thinking, 

     About someone like you 

Who would crave

Each layer, 

     so thin, 

​     That only the lightest touch would keep the petals from browning

From breaking. 


And in the time spent, 

​     Thinking about you 

I forgot to notice that 

The pink,

The purple 


The flush that shone, 

In the golden light,


That glow.


Barely there now, under the twilight sky, 

Was turning a deep, deep purple. 

​     Black. 


You’d said you’d never seen a colour like this, 

​     Black?

So, you laced your tongue with mine, 

     Eyes closed? 

And when you finally lifted, in the midnight sky 

I peered ahead, eyes wide, searching for, 

​     Your smile. 

​     Won’t you taste my nectar? 

​     Are you still there? 


In the morning sun, 

I swayed, no petals, no pink

     ​A decaying stem.


You were stained bumble bee yellow


Sonikka Loganathan is an Indian multimedia journalist.