Cumbialicious by Estevie

Rising star Estevie (formerly known as Sarah Silva) is ready to introduce the world to hers with the debut EP Cumbialicious  Nice Life (Ricky Reed). Reimagining more traditional sounds from cumbia to regional to pop, the gen-z star is breathing fresh life into the genres’ established heritages with her refreshing and vibrant world as she paints embraced tradition with refreshing hues of LA street culture and fashion that raised her. 

In a generation of young, Gen-z artists making waves in reinvention, Estevie notably stands out as a confident and feminine force in a largely male presenting genre and scene – which has caught the attention of media like Remezcla who featured her as their Nuevo Noise artist and named her “the Gen-Z Cumbia Pop Star We’ve Been Waiting For.” Other key players have taken notice as well, as she has been featured on Eslabon Armado’s top-charting album Nostalgia, collabed with breakout sierreño artist DannyLux on single “Triste Verano,” and has opened up for the likes of regional standout Ivan Cornejo, viral sensation Eddie Zuko and Mexico beloved indie band Little Jesus

Now stepping front and center into her own limelight, Estevie is ready to showcase her 7-track compilation that spins like a prismatic plunge into Estevie’s multifaceted world. Colored by the sounds and fashion of Cumbia, Regional, Reggaeton and Pop, she reinvigorates beloved rhythms with youthful gleam and out-of-the box interpolations reassuring with every track that her signature style – whether musically or fashion related – is an exciting sphere of vivid colors, emotional depth and lots of induced dancing. 

Listen to “Cumbialicious” here

About Estevie:

A first-generation Mexican-American and proud ambassador of her family’s cultural heritage, 19-year-old Estevie leads the new wave of pop artists bringing back old Latin sounds. On the forefront of the cumbia and Mexican regional music resurgence, Estevie’s unique blend of traditional Latin styles and modern pop is love at first listen. Growing up in the small town of Beaumont, CA and discovering a passion for performing, she auditioned for the Mexican singing competition La Academia Kids at age 11 where she won second place. By age 15, she was sporting more than 1.3 million followers across platforms and was recruited to tour Latin America with a teen influencer group where she played to crowds of 5,000-10,000 people.

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