L.L by Luna Luna

After starting the year being named one of Rolling Stone’s “10 Latin Acts Set To Make It Big In 2023,” the Austin-based, Dallas-raised band has released their next d EP L.L. – a compilation of tracks that steers their booming career and signature lovelorn indie dream-bedroom pop sound, into a fuller, more mastered sound that takes listeners from their bedroom and onto the dancefloor. 

The album opens with a somber, guitar leaning intro track “Candy Duro.” Wanting to find a way to introduce listeners into the new, experimental world of Luna Luna, Kavvi dug through old EPs to find a fitting representation and landed on one with an acoustic guitar – representative of the first instrument he fell in love with and gave it a bilingual title as a way to prepare listeners for the rest to come. 

Flowing effortlessly into the next, “Solo Tu” shoots off a Spanish-leaning dance track that has been often and long requested by fans. Delivering, the track leans on what the band considered a natural and organic build – from the effortless bilingual lyricism to it’s a dive into a sensual joy ride under the summer sun all heavily inspired by the band’s indulgence in consuming Latin dance music during production.

The EP then turns fully into a new sound altogether with “La Tormenta,” which Kavvi finds a dive into the future and stretches what their and a band can sound like today. Conceived via voice memos while waiting in a McDonald’s drive-thru, the single sits somewhere between upbeat pop and house music, different elements coming together to create something of a perfect storm – lively and energetic and unforeseen. After the storm, comes “La Calma” – a single that blends euphoric sounds of early 90s pop, with infused doses of reggaeton, electronica and drum and bass rhythms to birth a more soothing refuge from the prior sonic conditions.

Marinating in the joy of making it through – the tracklists end on a high energy note with their most recent single release “Lonely Lullaby” and “Dance With U.” Created with the live performance treatment in mind, the singles revolve around pumping up the energy and making sure to get bodies moving. 

While Luna Luna has maintained their trademark sensibilities around emotive lyricism – they play on the idea by introducing a compilation that can make people move while still talking about heartbreak. Wanting to give the sad kids something to dance about, a crying at the club moment if you will, the EP navigates their first attempt to step out of the expected, and enter into newly explored sonic space with well-mastered ease. 

Listen to the EP here

About Luna Luna: 

Austin-based, by way of Dallas, Indie quartet Luna Luna has bested the local climate and bent the scorching Texas sun to their will across emotion-drenched, euphoric throwback synth-pop grooves. Originally the sole project of Colombian-born, Dallas-bred Kavvi Gonzalez, Luna Luna has expanded into a four-piece through serendipitous meetings that now includes Danny Bonilla (vocals/keys), Kaylin Martinez (drums) and Ryan “Gordo” Gordon (bass/backup vocals). From being drawn together by performing house parties across Texas to now lighting up stages of renowned venues like the Historic Ford theater in LA, festivals like Austin City Limits and opening for acts like Omar Apollo, Luna Luna has earned a reputation of perpetually building up a passionate fan base eager to turn up, swoon, and slow dance. 

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