Artwork by Morgan Everette

Morgan Averette is a 30 something Black trans woman and a current graduate student. When she is not busy with her studies, one of her hobbies is photography and taking self-portraits, as well as landscape shots. Morgan is a major sports fan and loves watching a variety of sports such as football, basketball, and occasionally … Read moreArtwork by Morgan Everette

Artwork by Mima Cortez

Mima Cortez, born in Barquisimeto, Venezuela, is a multidisciplinary artist, illustrator and designer. Currently, she militates as an artivist within the anti-racist and decolonial movement in her country and the Caribbean, through cyberactivism and other digital networks of feminism in Latin America.Mima is queer, feminist, and defender of the human rights of women and LGBTIQ+ … Read moreArtwork by Mima Cortez

Artwork by Miss Khan T.

Miss Khan T. is a multimedia artist and drag queen whose modalities include performance art, painting, photography, and film. Their work is centered around honoring and channeling Filipino Indigenous wisdom and the Divine Feminine through rituals, spiritual connection, and creative discovery.  Instagram: @theeonlykhant  Tiktok: @theeonlykhant Jerod Thompson Thompson is a multimedia artist currently working in photography, painting, video, and … Read moreArtwork by Miss Khan T.

“A Tablecloth as Gratitude,” by Isabel Rodriguez

Isabel Rodriguez is a Chicana artist currently based in Miami, FL. Originally born in Texas, but having lived across many states and countries including Vermont, New York City, Mexico, and Cuba, her work is heavily inspired by the beauty around her. Primarily creating using photography and occasionally performance art, her work consists of themes of … Read more“A Tablecloth as Gratitude,” by Isabel Rodriguez

Artwork by Jervis Corner aka Maurice Johnson

Jervis was born in Port Maria, Jamaica. In addition to his early years living in Jamaica, he has lived in England, Canada, New York, and California. He has exhibited his work in several Bay Area galleries, and currently shows his work at his studio in Downtown Oakland. Jervis Corner attended George Brown College in Toronto, … Read moreArtwork by Jervis Corner aka Maurice Johnson

Artwork by Luana Góes

Luana Góes is a 20 year-old mixed media artist from Brazil. She likes to mix mediums in her practice including acrylics, watercolor, oil pastels, and collages to create mixed media pieces inspired by her cultural heritage, mental health, memories, and more. Beyond visual art, she has a passion for music and design. Instagram: @luana.g.m Twitter: … Read moreArtwork by Luana Góes

Artwork by Jun Yang

Jun Yang was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, and has made San Francisco his home for the past 13 years. The City inspires Jun and his art with its cultural diversity, celebrated urban landscape, natural beauty, as well as the socially inclusive culture which provides support and protection for queer artists. Jun is … Read moreArtwork by Jun Yang

Artwork by Maha Khan

Maha Khan is a GTA-based multidisciplinary Pakistani-Canadian queer artist whose work fuses personal narrative, psychoanalysis, and memory with universal interconnectedness into visual works. Her work often begs the question, how do I define myself in the oppressor’s tongue? The answer is she doesn’t. Instead, she invents her own language using animated Eastern motifs and an … Read moreArtwork by Maha Khan

(Issue 16) Art & Politics Feature: Dr. Margarita Lila Rosa

Dr. Margarita Lila Rosa: A Multifaceted Woman, a Beautifully Audacious Life by Laila E. Dreidame When my path crossed with the undeniably brilliant Dr. Margarita Lila Rosa at the start of the year, it was clear we were going to be friends. She carries herself modestly and with a joyful youthfulness so refreshing in the … Read more(Issue 16) Art & Politics Feature: Dr. Margarita Lila Rosa

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