(Issue 16) Art & Poetry Feature: Reyna Noriega

Born and raised in Miami, Florida to parents of Caribbean descent, Reyna Noriega is a visual artist and a poet. As a visual artist, she recently debuted her art work at the Brink Lane Gallery in London, marking a giant step in the career of a visual artist. As a poet, her most recent poetry … Read more(Issue 16) Art & Poetry Feature: Reyna Noriega

(Issue 16) Art & Politics Feature: Dr. Margarita Lila Rosa

Dr. Margarita Lila Rosa: A Multifaceted Woman, a Beautifully Audacious Life by Laila E. Dreidame When my path crossed with the undeniably brilliant Dr. Margarita Lila Rosa at the start of the year, it was clear we were going to be friends. She carries herself modestly and with a joyful youthfulness so refreshing in the … Read more(Issue 16) Art & Politics Feature: Dr. Margarita Lila Rosa

FACES by Seigar

Faces by Seigar. This conceptual portrait series was inspired by the lyrics of the song Mercury by Steve Lacy: “You think I’m two-faced, I can name twenty-three / My layers, all these sides”. This work represents a metaphor for personality traits conveyed through my longest and still ongoing project “My Plastic People.” It shows the … Read moreFACES by Seigar

Artwork by Dufié Kufuor 

Artist Statement Brushstrokes are so integral to a painting; they tell a story and capture a viewer’s attention. They often convey the mood of the artist or the intent behind a piece. Brushstrokes would however be incomplete without the use of color. My pieces employ the use of both to tell stories. “Study of a Jamestown … Read moreArtwork by Dufié Kufuor 

Artwork by Soni Lopez-Chavez

From left to right: “Mother, goddess, brush, healer, artist, chingona. You are magic,” “I am so much more than the darkness that surrounds me,” “Live in you truth,” “My guides & my protectors,” “Mija, your voice matters so don’t be afraid to use it,” and “Brave and beautiful is what you are.” About the Artist … Read moreArtwork by Soni Lopez-Chavez

Welcome Parisa Mah

Parisa Mah is an Iranian-born artist currently based in Lenapehoking (Brooklyn). Theyimmigrated to Canada with their family at the age of 8, settling on stolen Anishinabe,Ininew, Oji-Cree, Dene, Dakota, and Metis land (Winnipeg). Their practice arose as adeep response to battling austere colonial narratives frequently faced throughout theirchildhood and adolescence, but only comprehended and confronted … Read moreWelcome Parisa Mah

Artwork by Warren Armando Pope

About the Artist Warren Armando Pope (b.1990) an artist, illustrator, public artist, and architectural designer based in Seattle, WA. As an artist, he hybridizes physical and digital techniques informed by architectural drawing to explore themes of otherness, plasticity, and transformation as they relate to his multiracial and queer identity. These explorations most often take the … Read moreArtwork by Warren Armando Pope

Artwork by Nebolisa Kelly

About the Artist Nebolisa Kelly (born 1998) is a Nigerian artist working in a genre of art known as hyper realism. He is best known for his realistic life size portraits mostly of young people, relating to the matters of mental health, love, social and political activism. He is known for the emotion his art … Read moreArtwork by Nebolisa Kelly

Artwork by Jamae Tasker

Instagram: mamaladysmix Images: First row, left to right “For the Love of Gospel,” “Healing from All Directions,” and “Blissed” Second row, left to right “Fragrant Dreams,” “Sea Me,” and “Traveler” Third row, left to right “Fertile Quietude,” “The Slow Soften,” “Love’s Layers” Fourth row, left to right “Unleash Your Spirit,” and “Growing Pains” About the … Read moreArtwork by Jamae Tasker

Artwork by Erasto Matthews

Instagram: @ErastoArtsFacebook: @ErastoArtsWebsite: www.ErastoArts.com Images: left column, top to bottom “Saltwater Kid” and “I Am” right column, top to bottom “Soul on Ice,” “Eyes of a child,” “We’ve Always Mattered,” and “Father, Father” About the Artist Born in Reading, Pennsylvania and raised in East Orange, New Jersey, Erasto Curtis Matthews moved to the Washington DC area … Read moreArtwork by Erasto Matthews

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