Ranee Henderson Artwork

Vilifying faceless figures of power has always been present in my life and the lives of those closest to me. It only recently became the focus of my work. My latest paintings depict the battles and bandits that inhabit my own lived, socio-economic codex (clout, grind, impotence, layaway, racket…). Each one of these “themes” serves as an umbrella that presides over the canvas. If I am to scrupulously manifest the images that I propose to create, I need to live with the villains as well as poke at the basis of my own internal conflict with poverty. My goal is to destabilize, work through, and overthrow. When that is done, I will gift what I have discovered to my family and to any others that inhabit the lowest rungs of the tax bracket.

“Ideias Fora Do Lugar Parte 0/” by Maria Clara Otani

Clothing in cotton and hemp, Mixed media About the work: With the many contradictions of the idea of Brazilian “multiculturalism” in mind, this mini series uses fabrics from all over the world to sculpt bodies and space. The Chinese imported blue and pink polyester fabrics that line the background and the foreground are contrasted with … Read more“Ideias Fora Do Lugar Parte 0/” by Maria Clara Otani

Sid Gopinath Photography

Periyar National Park, India Boulder, CO Mumbai, India Yosemite National Park, California Cappadocia, Turkey Istanbul, Turkey About the Artist: Sid Gopinath is a multi-disciplinary artist based in New York City. He seeks to tell stories through his art focusing on identity, love, memory, and place. Sid is half of indie r&b duo bluesoul and also … Read moreSid Gopinath Photography

Toyin Salau

Ky (she/her/hers) is a graphic artist from Greensboro, NC who creates digital and traditional drawings. She is heavily influenced by the Japanese manga and anime styles, but focuses on depicting Black and Indigenous characters. Ky operates primarily within the slice of life genre and is currently working on an original comic set to be released in the Fall of 2020. You can follow her art on Instagram @streetfighter.kyu

(Issue 1) Art Feature: Miss Fellatia

Interview by Kimber Monroe. Photography by Joana Meurkens Tony Grunin and I first met in the seventh grade at Professional Performing Arts School. We were immediately drawn to each other. While I was incredibly shy and nervous, Tony was always unapologetically himself. Over the past 12 years, we’ve suffered through middle school bullies, high school … Read more(Issue 1) Art Feature: Miss Fellatia

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