“Depository VI, Depository II, Depository V” by Nkem Odeh-Ifeyinwa

Depository II, Depository V, and Depository VI Nkem Odeh-Ifeyinwa is a visual artist born on the 7th of March, 1994 in Ile – Ife, Osun State but from Ika – South Local Government Area of Delta State, Nigeria by origin. He is a graduate of the Fine and Applied Art Department also known as the … Read more“Depository VI, Depository II, Depository V” by Nkem Odeh-Ifeyinwa

Artwork by Musah Swallah

Musah Swallah is a visual artist born and raised in Accra, Ghana. For Musah, art is a tool for self expression, creating awareness, and transforming society. His paintings, sculptures, and mixed media works render stories that reflect African identity, cultural values and daily life. Currently, he paints on repurposed wooden panels, plywood, paper and canvases … Read moreArtwork by Musah Swallah

Artwork by Islam Ben Amri

Since I was young, art was always an interest to me. I began my practice first with drawing, and then continued to mixed media collage. I live in Morocco, a creative and artistic country, which inspired me to follow my passion for the arts. This love of art encouraged me to transform traditional works through … Read moreArtwork by Islam Ben Amri

Construction Paper by Daniela Stephanou

Writer and artist from Medellin Colombia based in New York City. She did her BA in Psychology and English at Duke University and is in the process of finishing her MFA at Pratt Institute. She is not particularly fond of autobiographies; instead she will provide a comforting list of things that fill up space: spoon, … Read moreConstruction Paper by Daniela Stephanou

Artwork by Michelle Thomas

Michelle Sindha Thomas is a California-based writer and artist whose award-winning work contributes to international collections. She grew up in Chicago’s Riverview neighborhood and studied literature, drawing, painting, design, and art history, graduating with a BFA in Studio Art and Art Education. While teaching high school Visual Arts and English, she received her MLA from … Read moreArtwork by Michelle Thomas

Artwork by Melissa Sutherland Moss

Melissa is an interdisciplinary artist working across collage, assemblage, installation, and social engagement. Through a hybrid of mediums, her practice is dedicated to preserving and celebrating the history of African and Caribbean diasporas within contemporary media. Today, she expands upon an immersive body of work that evokes the fragility and diversity within the black community. … Read moreArtwork by Melissa Sutherland Moss

Surrealism, Marxism, and Liberation of the Mind by Moeka Iida

Featured image: André Breton photographed by Henri Manuel, 1927 (Source: Wikimedia Commons) When we hear “political art,” we usually think about works like Banksy’s satirical street art that directly comment on themes such as war, violence, consumerism, and environmental degradation. Specifically, works that express the artist’s opinions about real-life events in a relatively straightforward manner, … Read moreSurrealism, Marxism, and Liberation of the Mind by Moeka Iida

“gotas de miel y coágulos de sangre” by Jordi Perez

Shot on 8mm film, Jordi Perez creates a world of deep blurry reds and soft visions resembling a womb. The film evokes the darkest corners of our subconscious that we only allow to come out in our most intimate relationships. The more complex things are to say, the more shame there is in letting yourself … Read more“gotas de miel y coágulos de sangre” by Jordi Perez

Artwork by Zhigang

Zhigang is an artist and illustrator from China. He graduated from the Arts University Bournemouth from MA in illustration with distinction degree. He is currently working as a freelance illustrator and also working as an art teacher on his own studio in Shenzhen, China. He likes to capture the moments and narratives occurring around me as … Read moreArtwork by Zhigang

“War on High Heels” by Amanda Santiago

What happens in the nightlife stays in the nightlife. War On High Heels is an early photographic docuseries that will eventually merge into a full-length documentary film. Exploring the late hours within these not-so-secret venues is where I capture tasteful, in-the-moment film photographs of the most rock n’ roll burlesquers of New York City. Between loud music, colorful lights and a … Read more“War on High Heels” by Amanda Santiago

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