“Heart Series” by Andrea Miranda

“These Aren’t Cowgirl Boots”  I reminisce sitting at a Cornish pub, watching the summer sunset drip below the sea. Art students dressed in striking looks made simple by their infectious, relaxed personas, a bubbling of live music creating a melody with the clinks of our drinks, and the buzzed chatter of my friends mixed with … Read more“Heart Series” by Andrea Miranda

“Growth” by Maddie Provost

Throughout the entirety of this year, I have attempted to define growth. Tried to look at it from every feasible angle. Tried to find a way to bypass the necessary introspection in search for an easy solution. I tried to stop thinking about it as I gradually uncovered the essence of growth.  In the past … Read more“Growth” by Maddie Provost

Suomo Snook Artwork

Suomo is a 31-year-old queer, self-taught Gabonese-American artist living on unceded Abenaki Land, otherwise known as Vermont. Coming from a long line of powerful Femmes and healers, Suomo also proudly recognizes her art as a continuation of her deep-rooted medicinal and spiritual heritage. Although her primary medium is paint – most recently acrylic – Suomo … Read moreSuomo Snook Artwork

“Dream Lover” by Anna Nguyen

Anna Nguyen is a social worker specializing in child welfare, school social work, and child trauma. She is from Orange, CA and is passionate about mental health, graphic novels, and minimalist design. Her art focuses on depicting feelings and experiences that had a large impact on her. She enjoys using her art as a platform … Read more“Dream Lover” by Anna Nguyen

Madeleine Thomas Photography

Modeled by Prakash Panchariya and Jillian NeddStyled by Lucia Dunlap and Peyton Inoff Madeleine Thomas is a photographer and printmaker living in Brooklyn, NY. She is currently working on editorial and documentary projects whilst supporting small local businesses and providing mutual aid that is in her immediate community. Madeleine is most passionate about making long-form storytelling surrounding … Read moreMadeleine Thomas Photography

Colorful Cosmic Escapes by Amira Alsareinye

“Although our thoughts may be mesmerizing and absurdly beautiful, my art works with the concept that we are not our thoughts. 90 percent of my works are based off of intense memory fueled visualizations that are scientifically termed as involuntary semantic memories. These memories may present themselves as random text, images, sounds and more suddenly … Read moreColorful Cosmic Escapes by Amira Alsareinye

Alyssa Purnomo Artwork

Alyssa Purnomo is an Indonesian, Seattle based architecture student who creates art on the side. She is an experimental artist, always looking and trying out new techniques to try to find a style that suits her creative thinking and expression. The works that are published are her mixed-media experiments that she explored and developed throughout … Read moreAlyssa Purnomo Artwork

Audan Artwork

Aodan (born. Hohhot, China) is a visual artist who is more than willing to call herself an ‘escapist’ and ‘art shaman’. She graduated from Oberlin College with a Bachelors Degree in visual arts and School of Art Institute of Chicago with a Masters Degree in fashion, body and garment. Her works have been exhibited in multiple … Read moreAudan Artwork

(Issue 7) Art/Fashion Feature: Annie Meng

Interviewed by Joana Meurkens Photo by Ryan Scullin There is a new designer on the scene who has managed to merge the power suit with streetwear design. Annie Meng is a new name in the fashion world, but one that will not be forgotten as she takes her rightful place as creative director of the … Read more(Issue 7) Art/Fashion Feature: Annie Meng

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