Menga354 for Mixed Mag

Creative Direction by Joana Meurkens Photography by Ryan Scullin Clothing by Menga354 Styling by Annie Meng and Joana Meurkens Modeled by Rahm Bowen (Hair by Mecca Little), Kimber Monroe, Joana Meurkens, and Maria Salazar Read Annie’s feature in Issue 7 here! Menga354 is an ode to retro-futurism, a luxury casualwear brand that explores the unknown … Read moreMenga354 for Mixed Mag

A Preview of “A Cold Wind Blows and Ends All Progress” by Marshall James

Photography by @cryfortomorrow Modeled by @skyemelena and @mr.girlyoucrazy Marshall James is a self-taught independent fashion designer from Columbia, Maryland. After he started making clothes in 2017, he began to commission one on one upcycled garments to his close friends and colleagues. In 2019, he moved to New York to begin his journey into high fashion. … Read moreA Preview of “A Cold Wind Blows and Ends All Progress” by Marshall James

Existential Dreaming by Anna Nguyen

Anna Nguyen is a social worker specializing in child welfare, school social work, and child trauma. She is from Orange, CA and is passionate about mental health, graphic novels, and minimalist design. Her art focuses on depicting feelings and experiences that had a large impact on her. She enjoys using her art as a platform to bring attention to social justice issues, as well as mental health.

Pola Dobrzynski Artwork

Pola Dobrzynski is a first generation queer creative from New York. Her work is informed by a passion for familial legacy, introspection, and creating vulnerable spaces. Weaving media and creating work that is both archival and collage-like in nature, Pola’s work explores themes of emotional connectivity, resilience, and healing. In 2018, Pola started as Community Engagement Manager at For Freedoms, where she assisted with collaborations with The ICP Museum, Guardian US, The Currier Museum of Art, UNTITLED Art Fair, The Betsy Hotel, and Photoville. She has also served as a freelance digital media specialist for the Vision and Justice Project at Harvard University, and freelance coordinator for the Guild of Future Architects.

LEE Bueno Artwork

LEE Bueno (he/they) is a Queer Trans Male Artist/Activist . Art is his reason for living and has been part of his life for as long as he can remember. He received his BA in Art Education and Studio Art from Humboldt State University. Navigating his own personal journey as a Trans person has been very prominent in his artwork. He uses art to tell stories and to bring knowledge to issues surrounding the LGBTQ+ and POC community. Working within issues of acceptance of body, identity, and self love as well raising awareness of injustices surrounding marginalized voices. He strives to make the world a safer and better place.

“Hot and Moody” by Bevin Mirielle

Bevin Mirielle is a Filipina-American mixed media artist that creates abstract portrayals of her memories. She creates these works because as she was growing up, she didn’t really have anyone to talk to about the thoughts inside her head. Instead she had to count on herself, and through her efforts, made sense of it all … Read more“Hot and Moody” by Bevin Mirielle

(Issue 6) Art/Fashion Feature: Daleela

Artistic Director Joana Meurkens interviews model, singer, and student Daleela, a born and raised New Yorker with strong Moroccan roots. In this interview the two discuss the discipline needed to pursue modeling, representation of Muslim women in the fashion industry, and the power of honoring your heritage.

Addie Kae Figurative Paintings

Artist Statement: My paintings are based on photographs of my mixed race family. My skin tone gives the impression that I don’t struggle fitting into the majority, which is untrue. I use photographs of my father’s side of the family because I feel there was so much beauty in their lives, even as they struggled … Read moreAddie Kae Figurative Paintings

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