(Issue 19) Feature: Art All Night at the Howard

Article by Laquavia Alston, Photography by Russell Visions Something exciting is happening in Washington, D.C. In the last three-five years, I’ve witnessed an explosion of talent in the arts and culture scene of D.C. On Sept 30th, the city was buzzing with arts and creativity, the avant-garde community leading Mayor Bowser’s 2023 installation of Art … Read more(Issue 19) Feature: Art All Night at the Howard

Cumbialicious by Estevie

Rising star Estevie (formerly known as Sarah Silva) is ready to introduce the world to hers with the debut EP Cumbialicious  Nice Life (Ricky Reed). Reimagining more traditional sounds from cumbia to regional to pop, the gen-z star is breathing fresh life into the genres’ established heritages with her refreshing and vibrant world as she paints embraced tradition with refreshing … Read moreCumbialicious by Estevie

L.L by Luna Luna

After starting the year being named one of Rolling Stone’s “10 Latin Acts Set To Make It Big In 2023,” the Austin-based, Dallas-raised band has released their next d EP L.L. – a compilation of tracks that steers their booming career and signature lovelorn indie dream-bedroom pop sound, into a fuller, more mastered sound that takes listeners from their … Read moreL.L by Luna Luna

Birds, Bees, The Clouds & The Trees by Harrison

When Harrison (Harrison Robinson) began workingon his third album in his modest Toronto studio in 2019, the producer and composer felt a strong desire to honor his artistic roots. “I knew I wanted to just make what I thought was cool, regardless of it being cheesy,” he says of the piano-centred compositions that would become … Read moreBirds, Bees, The Clouds & The Trees by Harrison

Dance With U by Luna Luna

Austin based, by way of Dallas, indie synth-pop sensations Luna Luna released their first single of the year with “Dance With U”. After a fulfilling last year for Austin-based dream pop band, Luna Luna is ready to head into a new chapter with their newest track “Dance With U” which takes the quartet fully into … Read moreDance With U by Luna Luna

miami☀︎ by Estevie

Rising star Estevie (formerly known as Sarah Silva) is ready to turn up the summer heat with her latest single release “Miami.” Released via Nice Life (Ricky Reed), the track produces an energetic and eclectic take on a cumbia sonidero. Introduced by an alternative surf-rock leaning guitar intro, the melody eventually meets its staple electro-driven cumbia sonidero rhythm that … Read moremiami☀︎ by Estevie

(Issue 18) Feature: An Indivisible Art Collective & Nomad Mal

header image by Phil Visions by Laquavia Alston In my mind, An Indivisible Art Collective is some sort of ode to MTV’s Unplugged, Making the Video, VH1 Behind the Music, Pop up Video and 106 and Park; a euphoric musical space where nostalgia is conjured. It’s a recreation of when we got to experience artists … Read more(Issue 18) Feature: An Indivisible Art Collective & Nomad Mal

(Issue 17) Feature: An Interview with Celine Kamuhangi

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DSL was raised in a Moroccan family in Southern California. Music became a refuge when her peers picked on her in high school, mocking her lips with the moniker “DSL.” When she began to release her own music as a gender studies student at UCLA, she decided to reclaim the title. A musical ethos of … Read moreREADY SET GO by DSL

every night by Jontha Links

L.A. based indie duo Jontha Links releases a music video to accompany their lead single “every night”, marking the long-awaited follow up to their rock anthem “Pretty Carolina”. The track began as a wistful guitar lick made from 2000’s emo nostalgia, thrown over 90’s r&b drums. Connie heard Shamik’s beat through the wall of his … Read moreevery night by Jontha Links