(Issue 12) Poetry Feature: Katerina Canyon

Katerina Canyon is an Award Winning Poet, Best Selling Author, civil rights activist, and essayist. She will be releasing her new poetry collection ‘Surviving Home’ in November 2021, published by Kelsay Books. Surviving Home is a reflection on African American heritage and up-bringing, racism, and abuse. Concisely arresting and challenging the beliefs of family and … Read more(Issue 12) Poetry Feature: Katerina Canyon

Dinner Conversation

Marisa Vito (she/they) is a queer Californian poet who has published with Crab Fat Magazine, The Spectacle, and the Los Angeles Magazine. She graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a degree in English Literature/Writing and is the Digital Content Manager for Copper Canyon Press, as well as an editor for literary magazine, … Read moreDinner Conversation

10/24/19 by Kenneth Carroll III

The Nats about to win the world series so we champ.Ugly with the drip like we was ever into baseball. My brother used to get free tickets from his job and takeme to games. I held a hot dog and joined every chant. watching, and screaming I began to understand thethe art of the steal. … Read more10/24/19 by Kenneth Carroll III

America by Mia Altamuro

America, my homeland, my graveyard; my seductress, my assassin. America, who are you, and who am I to you? America, who are you, land of the free or the bourgeoisie? America, who are you, home of the brave or the slave? America, who are you, and when will you come home to me? They say … Read moreAmerica by Mia Altamuro

PeachFarmsandPromises by Paula Macena

Call the witness to the stand;the jury wants to knowhow you hold peaches like a heartbeat,how it always tastes betterwhen it’s been plucked by your hands.(Truth: you didn’t always know how to pickthe ripest of the bunch.) Tell them how you grow your own peach treesoutside of Georgia’s borders,how you could compare the sweetness to … Read morePeachFarmsandPromises by Paula Macena

Mother by Nia J.

For the first time, I saw the effects of time on her. Her face resting against the arm of our couch, a face that supports the beautiful brown folds of skin that make her unique. Even in her state of rest, she showed exhaustion from the life she provided for us. It saddened and motivated … Read moreMother by Nia J.

Late Night Thoughts by Jasmine Washington

Jasmine Washington is a Black woman from Houston, Texas who works as a library program specialist and dabbles in poetry from time to time. She grew up being an avid reader and can be found with her head in a young adult book or graphic novel. Much like her journal writing, she has found poetry … Read moreLate Night Thoughts by Jasmine Washington

POWER PUSSY POWER by Christine Teopaco

Once you bleed, then you can speak to me. Once you feel your body revolting against itself, then you can speak to me. Once you understand how to act like a man, then you can speak to me. I want nothing from a limp boy, a dick boy, who has never felt five days of … Read morePOWER PUSSY POWER by Christine Teopaco

In the Key of Lauryn Hill, Eyes Gotta. Find Peace of Mine. x g3mst0n3

g3mst0n3 is a multidisciplinary, self taught artist based in New York. Using the plight of black queerhood to fuel creation and hope, g3mst0n3 has a vast interest in Jazz, R&B and Poetry. This has led them to create with woozy abstraction through music, art and writing. This is prevalent in their latest work ‘With The … Read moreIn the Key of Lauryn Hill, Eyes Gotta. Find Peace of Mine. x g3mst0n3

Child of Sunshine by Mia Altamuro

How jealous you must have beento see me in my blue shaded breezewith the lemon scent in my mouthand dandelions in my hair. How painful it must have beenfor you to see me laughing, living therecompletely unawarethat you were sitting thereat your lonely Winter table. You try to summon me backwith a candle and a … Read moreChild of Sunshine by Mia Altamuro

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